Baby Care Tips

Top 10 Baby Care Tips
Top 10 Baby Care Tips

Baby care is not just a house chore, it is more than a job, it takes all of your attention and dedication, you also need to learn everyday and get informed because you can never know enough on how to care for your baby. Here are some tips to help you care for your baby.


You have a baby now, certain things are meant to change, you have to be careful because health decisions you make about yourself  is not just for you but you and the baby. Most decisions you make will affect the baby because you in the baby care period.


Sanitize your hands and surroundings before getting in contact with your baby because at this stage of your baby’s life, the immune system is just starting to build up and won’t be able to fight bacteria and germs. You need to be aware that your baby’s skin too is mild and gentle and won’t be able to tolerate harsh body ointment and cream without causing irritation,hence the need not to over sanitize must be emphasized as well.


We as adults know the essence of music, a good sound should not be omitted in a baby care schedule, a sweet melody music could be a lullaby to lift your baby’s spirit up, cheer him up from crying and as well lull him to sleep.


You should be very careful when carrying your baby, the body system in total is a developing one that still needs support, carrying your baby in the right position and supporting the head, neck and back will straighten up his bones and won’t allow room for deficiency while growing up.


It’s advisable to be playful with your baby, tickle him lightly, gently blow air on his cheeks, scratch his palm and his feet lightly to make him laugh out but be very careful about being aggressive; Don’t throw, push or pull your baby.

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