Baby Feeding Schedule

Baby Feeding Schedule

It is always the first experience of the parents to feed the newborn baby. They often get cautious about the feeding of their baby. There is nothing so much to get panicked, but a little advice can be helpful. It is seen that with the time the newborn baby and the mum develops their own feeding schedule. There is no hard role for the feeding schedule of a newborn.

Newborn baby usually feeds in the interval of 2 to 3 hours. It is always best option to feed breast milk to the newborn baby. In first three months of the newborn baby, 10 to 12 feedings are required in a day. Nursing a baby is not a very easy task the beginning. Take some time for the parents to get ready for the responsibility.

What are the signs to look for in a newborn for the hunger?

As a parent you must be well aware of the signs that a newborn shows for the hungers. We are going to tell you some common signs that a newborn shows for the hunger.

Following are the points to judge the hunger:

  1. When you find the newborn opening the mouth often.
  2. Newborn moves the head for searching.
  3. Sticking out the tongue.
  4. Puckering their lips as if to suck.
  5. Trying to lick the objects touching near her cheeks.

These are some common signs that can be seen in a newborn child for hunger presentation. Similarly there are signs which indicate that the newborn is not hungry. For example a newborn may try to turn away is ahead while feeding. Similarly a newborn may start slow sucking girls breast milk when not hungry.

Serving newborn baby breast feeding every 2 to 3 hours are required in the early weeks after birth. With time the frequency of the feeding will reduce gradually. Do not try to over feed the newborn. If the newborn burps a lot, after feeding make sure that you do not over feed the newborn. It is seen that sometimes we over feed the newborn. There is also an important point that is needed to be discussed here. Do not make newborn hungry for 4 to 5 hours.

Try to give the mother breast milk for the new born baby. Development of the feeding schedule based on the breastfeeding is the best diet for the newborn. The newborn that get the scheduled feeding grow healthy. The schedule feeding is also good for the mother. Therefore it is advised for the parents of the newborn to develop scheduled feeding for him or her. Schedule feeding of newborn is made up from the beginning. Take some small steps for this new beginning; it will make you ready for this new journey.

By following the above said tips you can make sure that you can identify the proper feeding schedule for your newborn baby. It is very necessary for the parents to get used to the schedule. For the healthy development of the newborn it is very much necessary to set up a proper schedule.

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