Home Remedies for your Baby

Home Remedies for your Baby
Home Remedies for your Baby

Natural Home Remedies for your Baby’s ailments

Whenever your baby experiences discomfort from minor ailments like fever, cold, cough, colic, ear pain, diarrhea etc., you could try these simple home remedies that are perfectly safe instead of rushing to a doctor at the site of a blocked nose. Babies are prone to minor ailments, on account of their immature immune system and change in diet, weather etc.

For a blocked nose – Boil and cool 3 ounces of water (1 ounce = 6 tsp) with ¼ tsp salt added to it. With a dropper, put two drops of this saline solution inside both the nostrils of your baby whenever needed.

Burp your baby immediately after nursing him in order to expel the gas from his stomach. Make sure your baby’s head is held higher than his feet when nursing him. This will automatically release gas while feeding him. Crush two pods of garlic and add it to 3 tbsp of coconut oil. Boil the oil and leave it to cool a little. Rub a tsp of the warm coconut oil mixture gently in a circular motion, on the stomach and around the navel of your baby for a few minutes. Alternatively, add a drop of dill oil to a tsp of almond oil and massage your baby’s tummy. Give your baby a warm bath later on to relax his tummy muscles. Try turning your baby on his stomach for a few minutes to release the gas inside his stomach. Avoid foods like corn, beans, wheat, sugar, nuts and chocolates.

For chest congestion – Mix 1 tsp each of onion juice and ginger juice together and add ½ tsp of honey to it. Give your baby a few drops of it every now and then. It is very good for expelling the phlegm and sinus from your baby’s chest.

For fever – Make a ‘wet compress’ by soaking a clean face towel or hand towel in cold water and keep it in the fridge for 20 minutes. Gently rub your baby’s forehead, cheeks and neck with it. Give your baby plenty of fluids to bring down the body temperature. If you are still nursing the baby, increase the number of feed times. Remember to boil and cool the water before giving it to your baby.

Alternatively, you can soak a pair of socks and gloves in white vinegar and put your baby’s hands and feet through it.

For constipation – Mash an overripe banana and feed a tsp of it to your baby every two hours. Give your baby plenty of water to drink.

Use the ‘bicycle legs’ massage to relieve your baby of colic as well as hard stools. Place your baby on his back and hold his legs up in half bent or an inverted “L” shaped position. Gently move his legs back and forth. When his thighs press against his stomach, it will expel any gas trapped inside as well as massage his intestines, softening his stools.

For diarrhea – Cook 1 tbsp of “arrowroot” powder in 2 cups water and feed your baby a tsp of the porridge every two or three hours.

For cough – Build up steam inside the bathroom by leaving a running hot shower and closing the door. The steam will enter your baby’s nose and melt the phlegm. Do it for about 5 minutes thrice a day. Gently rub eucalyptus oil on his chest. Try to use a ‘humidifier’ to vaporize the phlegm in his chest. Elevate his head with pillows while putting him to sleep, in order to facilitate breathing.

For ear pain – Gently massage an extract of the herb “Echinacea” behind your baby’s ear, the outer ear, ear opening, the ear lobes and the neck. Gently rub your baby’s temples with a couple of drops of lavender oil, in order to remove stress on the nerves and enhance flow of blood. Use acupuncture therapy by pressing the area below the 4th and 5th toe, gently for 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes ear ache is caused due to sensitivity to dairy products. You will have to check that out.

For teething – Giving your baby something cold and hard to suck on, to apply some pressure on the gums, can provide relief to your baby. Keep a wet rolled washcloth in the freezer for half an hour or wrap an ice-cube with a wash cloth or cold hard veggies like carrots & beets. Ensure that you supervise your baby when he is sucking on them to avoid risk of choking.

For dry skin – Do not linger too long while bathing your baby as water can strip your baby’s skin of natural oils. Use herbal soaps and warm water as opposed to hot water. Use gentle moisturizing lotions and give your plenty of fluids to drink.

For diaper rash – Ideally use diapers only when you are out traveling with your baby. bTry to keep your baby diaper free as far as possible. You can even make your own cotton diapers at home.

The best remedy for diaper rash is your own breast milk. It has antibodies and is gently soothing on your baby’s skin. Apply it on the rash before putting your baby to bed. Allow the milk to dry before putting on a fresh diaper. Next morning your baby’s butt will be good as new.! or Apply a paste of petroleum jelly with corn starch on the affected area. Wash and rinse your baby’s clothes very well to avoid rash and infection. Wash your baby’s bowels well after your baby passes stools. One teaspoon of vinegar added to a bowl of water can be used as an effective wash. Dry your baby well after every wash. Do not make your baby wear the same diaper for long periods of time. However, these home remedies are not adequate if symptoms persists for a longer period. You will need to consult a specialist for correct diagnosis and proper treatment.

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