Organic India Moringa 60 Capsules(60 No)

Price : INR 175

WHY BUY ORGANIC INDIA MORINGA CAPSULES?The amazing benefits of moringa have never been a secret to the world. For time immemorial, this herb has been used to treat many ailments that arise out of deficiencies of vitamins and malnutrition. It won’t be an exaggeration to call the king of superfoods, since it’s one of the most nutrient-dense plants on earth. All these amazing benefits of the leaf of moringa are contained within the Organic India Moringa Capsules. Each capsule of Organic India Moringa gives you enough vitamins, minerals, protein, beta-carotene, and essential amino acids to restore imbalances in your diet. It’s hard to believe that this capsule contains 90+ nutrients and 40+ antioxidants. Everyone including athletes, growing children, pregnant women, lactating mothers, elderly, and ill people can benefit immensely from these capsules.WHAT MAKES ORGANIC INDIA MORINGA CAPSULES SPECIAL?Organic and potent leaves of Moringa Olifera are harvested, dried and milled in the farms, where they are grown in environmentally sustainable conditions. This assures that they are free from any toxins, more effective and safe for long term consumption.HEALTH BENEFITS:Contains four times more beta-carotene than found in carrots. Contains 25 times more iron than found in spinach. Contains 17 times more calcium than found in milk. Helpful in restoring vitamin and mineral imbalances. Improves energy levels. Increases stamina. Contains abundant vitamin C, amino acids, phenolics, trace minerals. Supports healthy blood sugar and lipid.
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